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After posting all the pink, flowery elf stuff, I thought I'd also show the other side of the picture.
Oberon and his entourage are the complete opposite of Titania and hers. Nothing flimsy and girly: they wear dark colours and regal, heavy fabrics like velvet and jaquard.
These costumes were based on the clothes of the french absolutism. The reason for that being, that Oberon sees himself kind of like an absolutistic king, with his word being the only thing that counts.
So with the fur (which is fake of course), the ornate borders and clasps, the costumes might seem a little exaggerated, but that's just the way it was back then, if you were able to afford it ;-)
Funnily enough, my first idea for Oberon and his elfs was more of a punkish street style... I'm very glad that it turned out COMPLETELY different in the end.

This is Oberon's coat, made out of dark blue velvet and black fake fur. It's not a very complicated pattern, so I managed to make it from scratch very easily. (Again, always click for the bigger pictures)
img 1
img 1
I know these two pictures are very similar, but I think in the second one, the colour is actually pretty close to the original.
By the way, I got the idea for this costume design back when I saw the musical "The Three Musketeers". Cardinal Richelieu was wearing one like it. The guy was awesome :-)

Next up is Puck's costume, made with dark blue velvet, light blue satin and a grey jaquard with a leave pattern for the waistcoat. Oh and I bought a LOT of decorative border and ruffles.
Puck's costume is my absolute favourite. The absolutism theme is more visible in this one, it's a just-au-corp, with all the "bling" you could wish for.
Puck is actually mocking Oberon by wearing this particular outfit, with it being so over-the-top, but Oberon doesn't know that ;-)
As much as I love it now, I have hated this costume along the way. I made the pattern practically from scratch and it didn't work out from the start... it made me mad. A lot.
But it's awesome now, so I forgive it all it's flaws from when I made it. I just love how impish Beccy (who actually plays Puck, even though she was so nice and modelled most of the rest as well) can look, when she wears it.
img 1
img 1
In this one you can see the wonderful border I just had to buy when I was in this fabric store on vacation in Spain... I guess this costume is the most expensive one I ever made, mostly because of this border.

img 1
img 1
And now just two more pictures of the whole thing, where you can also see the waistcoat a lot better. I didn't make the trousers and the blouse was actually just a store-bought, white ruffle blouse once, until I dyed it, added more ruffles and made it into an absolutistic shirt (yes, I'm saving where I can, after all it's all just my personal money that goes into this project... *sadface*). Unfortunately we forgot the collar part of the ruffles when we took the photos.

Oh by the way, if you ever feel the need to make a just-au-corp, go visit Yvette's costume site. She made the most stunning just-au-corps (for Pirate costumes) that I have ever seen!


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