In love

Not a garment this time, just a little post in between.
I just had to share my newest "love interest".

It might sound strange to say that I don't care for the latest fashion as someone who enjoys sewing that much, but I don't really. At least you couldn't really call it a proper interest, I just wear what I think looks nice.
I do have however a big interest in fashion history. The reason for that was, in the beginning, my love for making costumes (for plays, movies or just for fun) and the need to research for those.
Now I'm just fascinated by the way fashion has developed and most of the time I find historic fashion much nicer as the latest one. Too bad one can't wear a rokoko dress out on the street on a regular basis.
Well, a week ago I found this book (two books actually) at the bookstore and I was in love. It's published by "Taschen" and features the collection of the Kyoton Costume Institute.
And what can I say... it's so beautiful!

Have a little look for yourself:

img 1
img 1
img 1

Isn't it just gorgeous? :)


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