White as snow, red as blood...

Yay, a new dress!

I just love wearing dresses and I love fairytales, so I guess it's finally time I combined the two!
Snow-White isn't neccessarily one of my favourites, but I always loved how she is described.
"Once upon a time in midwinter, when the snowflakes were falling like feathers from heaven, a queen sat sewing at her window, which had a frame of black ebony wood. As she sewed she looked up at the snow and pricked her finger with her needle. Three drops of blood fell into the snow. The red on the white looked so beautiful that she thought to herself, 'If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood in this frame.'"
So when I had the idea for this dress I immediatly knew that I of course would have to use the three mentioned colours.
I used two kinds of jersey (from my endless stash of fabric I bought at some point...), because I have an overlocker now and can finally sew it properly... I've really been going mad with working with jersey since then!
The pattern consists of a simple tanktop pattern with a v-neck and a slightly gathered circle skirt. It's really simple and I had it drafted in a matter of minutes.
I'm really glad I had enough fabric for the circle skirt because I love how it moves :)

img 1

I finished the dress by applying an apple (front) and Snow-White's silhoutte (back) on the top part, which I cut out of red felt.

img 1

img 1

Besides working with jersey, another obsession of mine at the moment is using felt for decorations. It works really great, because you can just cut out whatever shape you like without having to neaten the edge and then just sew it on. Try it, it's awesome! ;)
First I wanted to place the silhouette at the front on the skirt, by the way, but I had to sacrifice that idea for my lovely circle skirt. Because of all the fabric you wouldn't have been able to see Snow-White. But I like how it turned out in the end just as much and I can still wear it the other way around, with Snow-White at the front if I feel like it! :)


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