Back in time

A long, long time ago... began the tale of my sewing "career".
True, my first project ever was a Lord of the Rings costume (covered here), but these dresses were the first more "everyday" ones I made, around christmas 2006 (we actually wore them for New Years).

This is the one I wore, though it is obviously not modelled by me here, but by my friend Fynn. Thanks, by the way :)

The pattern I used was Burda No. 8174-B, which I'm still very fond of.

The bodice and underskirt are made out of purple cotton and there are two layers of tulle on top. One is roughly the same shade as the cotton, the other is more of a lavender.
I added a decorative border, little rocailles and a tiny bow as adornments.

The other dress I made for the same occasion was made from the same pattern, but view C.

It is also made from cotton, a bright blue one, with a pink underskirt with a tulle ruffle and (by now) a big pink flower adorning the bodice. When I made it there were tiny roses instead of the big flower, but somehow there was too little pink ;)
Back then I wasn't very experienced but still I dared to use a pink thread to make contrasting, decorative seams. That was quite the challenge back then, as you can see every little bump and curve in the seams. Let's just say, I sewed veeeeeeeery slowly.


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