Flowers all over the place

With my new overlocker I can finally sew jersey properly, so I had to make the first top I would actually wear.

The design idea came to me when I was sitting in the train from Stranraer to Glasgow this summer and fortunately I could remember it until I was back home because I had no time to make sketches at the time.

I started with copying the pattern from a tank top that fits me well, I just elongated it at the sides, in order to be able to place the additional flowers.

The shirt is made out of a quite thick jersey and is adorned with flowers I cut out of felt and sewed on by hand that go over one shoulder (and were strewn all over my room when I worked).

I have a few more ideas for this kind of design, with the flowers winding across the fabric, but I'm a little wiser now ;) In retrospective I would use a thicker felt, because this one stretches quite easily when I wear the shirt and sooner or later I fear the flowers will loose their shape. :(


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