I never heard so musical a discord, such sweet thunder

Phew... It sure is hard to find a good quote from Hippolyta! She says so little in the original play...
So again we have a costume from our movie project "A Midsummernight's Dream", based on William Shakespeare's wonderful play. It's a pity he neglected Hippolyta so much, though ;)
While in the play she was just a minor character, just as her fiancé Theseus, she is a pretty major one in our version of the story. We decided that, as long as you take a more serious approach to the story, their plotline offered an interesting conflict.
In the play Theseus and Hippolyta have so few lines that you can't really be sure if they're really in love or not.
We thought, that it would be highly unlikely for a fierce amazon like Hippolyta to fall in love with the man who defeated her in battle and captured her, so in our version she clearly dreads their "nuptial hour".
In her costume I wanted to show the conflict that ensues between Theseus and her and also between the world of Theseus' court and its regulations and her being used to being free and independent. Another thing I also wanted to capture with this dress are the two opposites in her character: On the one hand she is a cruel warrior, but on the other she is also woman who has her weaknesses.
Obviously Theseus wouldn't allow her to wear her usual clothes, as he is trying to break her spirit to make her obedient, so he chose a dress for her that would be as unlike her as possible: a very feminine regency-stile gown in soft colours, adorned with delicate lace.

But she of course can't just accept that. So she makes a few slight alterations to the dress...

Yeah, we thought that's what she would do: cut up the dress she was given to be able to wear it with trousers underneath, enabling her to move more freely in it.
Now when you see her wearing this dress in the film, it is very clear these are not her normal clothes, while at the same time she still retains the air of an amazon.

I made this dress with a pattern from burda-magazine 12/2007, but of course added the slit in the front (by the way, I used the same pattern for a graduation dress, posted here).
It's made from two sorts of satin and the top part is covered with lace.

Here you can see the fabrics together before I sewed the dress. These are the exact colours, without strange light or shadows.

That's it for now, taking loads of pictures tomorrow, so probably a lot to post soon!
Oh and again, as so often, thanks to my friend Beccy for modelling the dress :)


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