Tartan ♥

I just love tartan!
I bought myself this wonderful cosy tartan fabric as a reward for writing my first final... but it took me a while to actually make something out of it and even longer to take pictures of it.
I used a pattern from burdastyle magazine, which was actually for a summery chiffon blouse, but it worked well with the thicker fabric.

The fabric I used is a flannel, maybe wool, but I'm honestly not sure.
The only thing I changed are the sleeve cuffs, I added loops and buttons instead of the ties.


  1. I love love love tartan- have got about 10 different tartan skirts.
    I finally gave in and bought some lovely black and white tartan fabric but I'm too scared to have a go at sewing a dress with it... I think it's the case of matching the stripes, I'm really nervous about ending up with something that doesn't look right.

  2. Actually I found it not to hard to match up the pattern. The various lines actually give pretty good directions as to where to place your pattern pieces. Simply put adjacent pieces on the same lines of the tartan in the same direction and they'll match up automatically.
    Only darts are really hard to place in my experience.
    I find flowers or similar way harder ;)


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