One year ago...

... I have given this skirt to my friend Kathy for Christmas.
She wears it all the time (I'm glad to have given her something she likes that much :-D) but I never took pictures. Up until now!
She asked me for a skirt she could wear to work, soI started going through my numerous burda-magazines on the hunt for something nice :)
And I found No. 118 from the December 2008 issue.
It really is an amazing pattern. If I recall correctly, it's made out of only two seperate pattern pieces (plus the little pieces making up the waistband and closing) and together they form a very beautiful and flattering skirt. It's alomst like magic ;)

img 1
img 1

I made the skirt out of a really soft, woollen fabric which doesn't wrinkle at all (more magical stuff...) and lined it with hot pink satin.


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