Lady Jessica Wotton is finally decent

Because now, last but not least, I present to you the finished Victorian Dress.
Or well, the day dress that is. I am planning to do another bodice for the dress, so I have an evening outfit as well.
Okay, well, here it is:

I'm so very proud of the final result. And I'm so glad I decided to do this :)
I used the burda pattern No. 7880 for the bodice and the overskirt, for the basis skirt I used the pattern I had made for my petticoat (because my bustle was bigger and generally different from what burda suggested).
Also, the burda pattern is pretty high-necked, but the character (Lady Jessica Wotton), whom I had ub mind when designing the dress would find the original burda neckline utterly boring. So I made it a little more "daring" (in Victorian terms). If I put on my chemise sloppily, you can sometimes glimpse a bit of lace trimming! *gasp*
The skirts are made from tafetta, the bodice is velvet. And the basis skirt actually isn't all that blue, the camera flash makes it look brighter.
And now, get ready for a picture spam, because I just adore this dress and think it only right to show it off from every possible angle ;)

A back view:

And here you can see the lovely victorian silhoutte the bustle creates:

Close-up of the bodice:

And another close-up, where you can see the trimmings (and you can also see my hat quite well, more about that later...)

Close-ups of the sleeves, the overskirt and the decorative band on the hem

And because a victorian lady can't go walking around without a hat, I made one :)
Well, I didn't really make the hat, I bought one. But it was to high so I had to cut a big whole in the top and patch that up so it became sort of flatter and then I had loads of fun decorating it :) Thanks to the wonderful lady, who gave me all the feathers and flowers!

Now the flood of pictures is over...
I can't wait till it's dry and warm enough to take more picture outside though! ;)

Oh and a shoutout to Kathy at this point, because she gave me these for my birthday to go with the dress:
Thank you so much, darling!

And now, let me know: what do you think of it? :)


  1. I'm glad you put a link to your blog on Burdastyle. I tried to comment on this dress there, but I often have problems posting anything on Burdastyle, so I couldn't.
    What can I say? I'm loving your outfit and I'm very impressed with the great silhouet and the amount of beautiful detail. Just to think of the sheer amount of work you must have put in...

    It is great projects like yours, as well as the joy you describe in making it which makes me think I should try and do historical outfit again. But to be honest, I'm too easily distracted by making everyday clothes ;)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the evening gown bodice come to life!


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