A Day at the Park

Didn't I promise you all more pictures of my victorian dress once the weather was nice enough for taking photos outdoors? Well, here they are!
And just so you know, I have like a hundred pictures, so just posting these few was... hard.
I love my new lacey umbrella :)

I really do. It's very stylish.

I also love my hat. ;)

But as huge as my love for this dress in general is, I do not love wearing it for extended periods of time. Really not very practical (I almost tripped all the time, as seen here...) and kind of hard to breathe.

But still: it's awesome :D


  1. This dress is so gorgeous! I'm in the process of making a bustle dress too. I especially love the bodice on yours. Like, LOOOOOOOOVE :D The square necklines with Victorian gowns are great. I couldn't find the pattern on Burda though, I hope they didn't take it down because this is exactly what I've been looking for! :/

  2. Gorgeous dress, but I think I might have a hint as to why you can't breath as well... I took a look at the pictures of your corset. Victorian corsets are supposed to be evenly spaced from top to bottom otherwise it pinches. You should have about a two to three inch gap from top to bottom. If you give yourself an even gap and breath from your diaphragm it shouldn't be as hard to breath. The tripping problem could be that your skirts are too close... perhaps you need another petticoat? Or place some horsehair braid in the hem to hold it out from your skirts, just a bit.

    Your whole outfit is absolutely beautiful and I know that when I made my first corset I had some issues... if you want a commercial pattern that is excellent and easy to put together, I would recommend Laughing Moon's Victorian Corset. Although it would be a shame to make a new corset when the one you have is SO pretty. I love the embroidery...

    I do have a question for you though... Did you draft your petticoat pattern? I have been looking everywhere to find a petticoat like yours for my costumes...


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