A Night at the Opera

And now let me bore you with the victorian dress one last time.
Because I became absolutely enamoured with the dress while making it, I decided to also add a variation.
With tweaking the upper skirt a little bit and creating a second bodice, it can now also be worn as an evening gown.

The skirt part is actually the same as for the day dress. The gathering on the upper skirt is done with hooks and eyes.

I also made the mini-hat/fascinator and will soon do a tutorial on how to make it.

At first I was skeptic but now I really love how all the gathering makes the bustle even more dramatic :) What do you think?

... and a close up of the bodice (excuse the messy hair, it was really windy... should have used more hairspray :D)

I was really fascinated by my shadow by the way...

*sigh* Now that I have taken an enorous amount of pictures of everything I guess the gown will have to stay on the dress form for a while. It's really sad that there are simply no occasions to wear it. Any suggestions? :)


  1. Wow- this dress is just amazing. You must be very proud of yourself!

  2. This is so, so, so, so gorgeous. Although I feel you in the "having nowhere to wear it" issue. Tragic. Love the crazy bustle.

  3. OMGGG, that so awesome. Cant wait till I get my sewing machine :/

  4. I was doing a research for an annual ball I'll be attending when I came across your blog, and I must say, you have one very talented pair of hands!


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