Soooo... I have been busy lately.

I know I haven't posted something in a long time and that's because I have been working a lot.
To be precise I worked in the costume department for a TV movie for the German TV station Sat1.  The working title of the movie is "Zur Sache, Marie" which roughly translates to "Down to business, Marie" (It was produced by the Scandinavian production company, which co-produced the Millenium Trilogy, by the way).
If you're from Germany, you might know our two lead actors Tom Beck and Valerie Niehaus.
While working on a movie set isn't as glamourous as most people might think (working from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., five days a week for four weeks in a row for minimum wage, anyone?), it was a great experience. We had a wonderful team and really awesome actors, all of them very talented and sweet (something that isn't very usual, if what my more experienced co-workers said is true...).
And while I really usually don't like the kind of movies Sat1 broadcasts (they're usually generic romantic comedies), I think this one could be really funny.
It's based on a french TV mini-series called "Hard" and shares its basic storyline: Marie, the main character, is married with two kids to a wealthy business man. She always believed he was making his money with his own IT company, but when he suddenly dies in an accident, she finds out that he really earned their living producing porn. All of a sudden the task of managing the production company falls in her hands. And she, being the slightly stuck up housewife she is, is completely overwhelmed by this, including her new employees including the Transvestite Angelika or the fetish guy J├╝rgen who almost always wears his latex suit.
I know it sounds weird, but it is really hilarious in action. You'll have to trust me on that ;)
Considering this was my first job at a movie set, I couldn't have wished for a better project. True, the workload was huge and my department said the amount of costumes was more like the one for a movie for cinema, it was also really interesting.
Here you can see all the costumes we had for the scenes in the porn studio.

First of all it is really funny how much thought has to go into dressing people up in as little as possible (because this was a TV movie AND supposed to be funny, we had to make fun of all the clichees while still keeping the actors decent) and secondly, the production company in the story mostly makes "themed adult entertainment" and we really enjoyed putting stuff together for a rococo , a roman/egyptian and a sci-fi set. Some of the costumes were really crazy... :)
Oh and now I can totally say that I have experience with latex, should I ever need that in my future career. Did you know, that you have to apply a special oil on the inside of a latex suit after cleaning it, so it won't stick together? No? Well, I sure didn't. But I did that every day for a week and now I think I can say I'm a pro.

Okay, I guess I'll stop rambling for now and just show you some pictures. I took a lot, but I think right now I can only show you the ones that show strictly the costumes and not actual scenes from the movie.
And if you want to know more about all the stuff I did, saw and learned on that movie set, let me know. I don't want to bore you all, but if you're interested I'll be happy to share some more stories. :)

img 1

The male lead in two of his hilarious outfits

The rococo set, one of my favourites (they had really beautiful masks, of which I unfortunately don't have a picture)

The roman/egyptian set (the first of the male lead's costumes belongs in here, too, obviously)

That's it for now, still have to sort through the rest of my pictures :)

P.S.: I'm wondering who might now accidentally find my blog, after me posting about porn, fetish and latex suits...
 P.P.S.: I just realized it's April 1st already... This is NOT an April Fool's joke. Seriously.


  1. Wow a movie that is soooo cool. I would love to hear more about it but please do not post ANY reveling pictures. Where I live it is still march 31 and I never relized you were in such a differant time zone (but it is cool no of the less) I really LOVE your blog and can not wait to read more.

  2. Haha, hilarious! Reminds me of the film "Zack and Miri make a porn", have you seen that? It´s a comedy about two friends, who want to earn some money by filming porn films :). Great blog, greetings from Jana


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