Sneak Peaks

I tell you guys, I actually have quite a few new things to show you! But... I didn't have time to take pictures yet. Sorry.
So, instead of showing you my finished projects, I thougt I'd give you a little sneak peak at what I'm working on right now :)

This gorgeous, patterned fabric will soon become a 50s inspired dress (my favourite style at the moment...) with a tailored top and an a-line skirt. The white fabric will be the lining and I'll probably do some piping, made with the red bias tape. I'm also planning on adding a cute little peter pan collar in red, but I haven't found the "right" red yet.

And these beautiful darlings are going to be the start of my next historic project! As predicted I'm not able to stop dabbling in historic fashion and I am going to be making a rococo/baroque dress! I'm really looking forward to it, although I have not the slightest idea where to put the finished dress... with the huge skirt it will probably take up the entirety of my room :D
The white fabric is a linen like weave for the chemise (I'll be making a sleeveless one this time so I can also wear it under my victorian evening bodice. I've been heaving problems with the sleeves of my chemise showing under that one.). The creme coloured cotton is going to be the paniers and the gold jacquard is for the corset.
Oh, I'm SO excited to get started on this one!
Also, though I didn't put it in the picture, I just bought 40 metres of steel boning. That's a whole lot of steel... but the corset is going to be fully boned and the rest is for the paniers. I'm hoping there will be some left over, so I can make another bustle for my victorian dress (the one I have now has plastic boning... I don't like that.).

Other plans include a cosplay for a friend, a new Harry Potter robe (including a new and improved tutorial and maybe a downloadable pattern) and at my current internship at a costume tailor I'm working on a bellydancing costume. So many projects, so little time... :)


  1. Can't wait to see the Harry Potter robe!!! My Grandmother lent me her sewing machine over the summer so I plan to make a courset and if you post patterns for the HarryPotter robe then I will probaly make that too. Oh...I keep forgetting to ask could you do a post on how to make your own patterns. I have some cute stuf in mind that I have not seen patterns for. Thanks!

  2. Ooooh, I can't wait to see both of these! I love your fabric choices :)
    Thanks for the information on the bustle dress! It was very helpful. I haven't gotten around to finishing that project up yet because of the deadlines for my 1860s outfits, but now that those are almost wrapped up I plan to get back into the bustle! Yaaaay :D


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