So... it's another dress.

Seriously, I just couldn't come up with a creative title this time... sorry :)

I had had the idea for a dress with a sort of see-through "neckline region" for quite some time. I also had had the chiffon with the purple dots for quite a while. Why these two things didn't find together any earlier is a total mystery to me. It seems so obvious now :)

As with my asymmetrical dress I used the pattern no. 101 from burdamagazine 02/2011 to get me started and then obviously changed the top and added the strip of chiffon to the skirt.

Besides the aforementioned chiffon, the dress is made from rather heavy cotton sateen, which is great, because it gives both the bodice and the skirt the needed stiffness. The dress is also fully lined with black lining fabric.

By the way: the place I'm at in these pictures is my Mum's gallery (she's a jeweller). Many thanks to her for letting me use it as a background! :)


  1. I absolutely love this dress! The design is really nice, and the fit looks perfect. You are so creative and talented!

  2. I love the sheer fabric. Nice dress!

  3. ooh this is very beautiful! i love this dress!

  4. Beautiful dress! The sheer fabric is lovely. I've been drawn to designs with sheer shoulders - they make a dress look so elegant. I love the back too.


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