So not in my colour comfort zone

I usually don't wear powdry or nude or just generally very light colours because I'm blond and pale and usually I don't want my clothes to be the same colour as my skin.
So there was actually no reason for me to buy the beige flower fabric. But... it was on sale and I loved the pattern and I'm a fabric addict so I couldn't help myself.
The first plan was to make something for my Mum out of it, because she likes and wears these kinds of colours but in the end I made myself a dress out of it anyway.

And as so very often I turned out to really like it! And I can say that since I made this a few more beige-ish garments have moved into my closet.

The pattern is completely self-drafted, for the skirt I used this very useful tutorial by burdastyle and the top is basically just a square with holes for the arms and neck ;)

Do you guys do that as well? Buy fabrics even though it's not your colour or something? And do you think there are colours you shouldn't wear if you look a certain way? Oh and how do you like my new retro sunglasses? I still feel a tiny bit silly with them on... I have to get used to the look :D

So many many questions... :)


  1. I like your new outfit! My colour tastes change a lot with time... I always thought blue isn´t my colour, and now I like it :). I think you never know what colour suits you, until you try it! I have a friend who occasionaly gaves me her old clothes, and while I would never choose the styles amd colours myself, I really like to wear some of it :).


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