Dress up - Bavarian Style

Yesterday at my current workplace (a costume rental) we had a large group renting traditional Bavarian costumes, dirndls for the ladies and lederhosen for the gents. Because of the large number of the group we decided to make it into a little event for them. So we all dressed up in our own "Trachten" (traditional costumes).
I'm not a big fan of that in general, because here in Munich, wearing a dirndl hasn't got much to do with tradition, but it's something most girls only wear to our famous Oktoberfest and you get strange looks if you wear it out at any other time. But well, the customer is king after all.
So, as I was already wearing my dirndl, which I made sometime last fall, and was all dolled up I decided to take some pictures.

Excuse the boring background, I didn't have anybody to take my picture around, so I couldn't take the pictures outside.

The pattern is by burda, you can get it here.
I couldn't be bothered to make a blouse because you can buy any possible style you can imagine.

The fabrics used are a light green dupioni silk (leftovers from my graduation dress), a polka dottted cotton and dark green taffetta.

Buttons on dirndls (if they have any) are quite often rather frilly, but I was aiming for a simple style, so I chose unadorned pearl buttons. In this picture you can also see the piping out of the skirt fabric I added around the neckline.

And just because I was rather proud of my hairdo, you get to see a picture of that, too :P

Now while we're talking dirndl, I still have some old pictures lying around of my Mum's dirndl (unfortunately not with my Mum in it, she's not a very eager model), which I made some time ago from the same pattern.

As I said, same pattern. This time out of black velvet (bodice) and black cotton blend (skirt) with real silver buttons which my Mum made herself. I really like how the same pattern looks so very different just because of the different fabrics and colours!

Again, I didn't make the blouse and in this case I didn't make the apron either. I didn't have time for that because my Mum needed the dirndl on very short notice. I do plan on making her a second apron though, so she can have a little variety.

That's it for our little excursion into Bavarian traditions, I've had quite enough of them now.


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