Stepford wife?

So, so busy at the moment. So this is once again just something I took pictures of a little while ago.
Maybe you can still remember the fabric from my "Sneak Peaks" :)

The pattern I used for the top part was no. 125 out of burdastyle magazine 05/11, with shortened sleeves and adding the peter pan collar. For the skirt part I reused a basic a-line skirt pattern I drafted some time ago.
Again, a bit retro/vintage, borrowing ideas from 50s clothing.

The dress is completely lined and I went ahead and put my current piping addiction to use on the sleeves and the collar.

Oh, I'm soooo exited about this little belt buckle :) I was on a little fair we have here in Munich, where there are loads of food stands, some rides, a lot of opportunities to buy housewares and antique dealers. And those antique dealers sometimes have the cutest notions! Like buttons or in my case, these beautiful vintage belt buckles. I still have quite a few left in different colours :)

This one is really not the best picture of me (I think I look a little bit crazy...) but you can see the collar so nicely :)
Don't you just love peter pan collars? I certainly do, but I'm afraid if I carry on like that I will either turn into a Stepford wife or Rachel Berry off of Glee, clothes wise. We'll see.

P.S. I love Glee!!! I know this is a blog about my sewing, but that just had to be said, while I'm sort of on topic :D


  1. That dress is really cute! I love the Peter Pan collar to pieces!


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