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Be warned, this is not a project post. So if that seems boring to you, go ahead and just ignore this.

Not one day of my life have I kept a diary. I have never been one to want to write stuff down, I prefer my actual memories, even though I guess I am reasonably good with words (or so say the people who read what little I actually do write).
Maybe this also makes me a very bad blogger, but then again this blog isn't supposed to be my public diary but... more of a scrapbook maybe?
Whatever the case may be, last week I realized there is a place that makes me want to write, to express what I feel about said place.
That place is Edinburgh, the beautiful capitol of Scotland. Last week I went there for the fifth time: year after year I embark on this pilgrimage via easyjet's one direct flight a day to worship the god of theatre so to say. Because all through August there's this thing called the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and if you're a theatre lover like I am, it's THE place to be in my opinion. Sure, other cities have Fringe Festivals as well and I have been to the London one, but I have the feeling that Edinburgh is the perfect city for this type of event, with everything being in walking distance and the whole city somehow turning into one big performance space where nobody cannot be a a part of the show. It's also (so says its homepage at least) the biggest festival of its kind.
And, of course, I may simply be biased because Edinburgh stole my heart when I first went there and never gave it back. If I could freely choose where I wanted to live, without having to worry about how to pay for it etc, it would definitely be Edinburgh. It is such a beautiful place, with its gorgeous architecture, its streets that never seem to lead where you think they should, its absolutely charming residents and with its way of suddenly having a park with a hill in the middle of the city that gives you the feeling of having walked right into the countryside.
But enough of the swooning. Let me tell you a bit more about what I did.
I stayed at Edinburgh for 4 nights, but because there's only one direct flight a day from Munich at the most unfortunate time, me and my friend basically had 3 days there. In these 3 days we were given 98 flyers (the main way of advertising during the festival) and saw 19 shows. That means six or seven a day... and before you let that shock you, let me say that the shows are rarely longer than 90 minutes. I have always been quite good at choosing which shows to attend but this year my selection was almost incredibly good. I would rate everything we saw between "really good" and "brilliant", without the occasional "okay" and "meh" in the mix that I'm used to.
The amazing talent I saw had me in stichtes and in tears; I saw a comedy version of Macbeth set at a public school with sockpuppets and was very glad I wasn't in the first row at a very gory performance of Titus or I would have gotten a bit of a blood shower. A single performer told me the most wonderful story about a man with so many weapons in his body, that everybody who looks at him immediately feels better and only dance, music, masks and pantomime brought me to tears with a love story that didn't need any spoken words.
So, in a nutshell: if you have the opportunity to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, please do so, it is - every single year - an incredible experience.

Also, I now own a sonic screwdriver. I feel almost as cool as bowties now.
Let's see if anybody got that.


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