I never stop making dresses

Sooo, I have another dress to show you :)
I actually started making this one before Christmas and was planning to wear it on Christmas Eve. But I didn't quite finish it. Especially because it turned out that the pattern No. 116 out of burda magazine 10/2009 doesn't really fit me. Usually I don't need to make a toile for burda patterns because I use those A LOT and I know which size to make. But this one... well, way to wide at the waist, way to tight at the hips. So I needed to change quite a lot. And I didn't have the patience to do that right before Christmas.
Now, like half a year later I finally finished it and also had an occasion to wear it.
Luckily my Mum was nice enough to take pictures when we got home around midnight, because I had my hair done up all pretty and stuff ;) But, as I had worn the dress for a whole evening it's rather wrinkly. Sorry for that.

The main fabric is a cotton sateen in a very beautiful greyish blue colour. I combined it with radiant light green cotton to highlight the dramatic low-cut back which I will show you... NOW

Yeah, so I wanted a dress with a low-cut back for a while. Now I have one ;)
In the version burda did, there's this HUGE bow in the back. I thought it looked ridiculous. Instead I added the lapels and I like those a lot more. What do you guys think?


  1. Wahou !! This dress is stunning !!! You really did a great job !! Bravo !!


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