Sooo, I don't think I told you yet: I just started fashion school this week.
If this...

...is gonna be true, remains to be seen, but my first week boded well.
Already, it's a lot of work. I haven't spent a single afternoon without researching something or collecting materials for a project and it's only the first week... let's hope I can keep up!
The first real project we had was to make jewellery to go with traditional bavarian costume (Oktoberfest started today here in Munich... not a fan) and even though I planned to take pictures of everything I make at school to post here on this blog... I forgot my camera. Figures.
Expect more of the stuff I do and experience in fashion school from now on, because I'd really like to document this time for myself. And who knows, maybe someone out there is interested as well.
New project post coming soon, still have a lot of unposted stuff lying around.
But for now I have to get back to writing a report that's due Tuesday ;)


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