Moose, procrastination and an introduction

My big main project, the rococo dress, isn't going quite as fast as I would like it to, because fashion school keeps me busy. I still love it though :)
My other ongoing project, a jacket, is also still not finished, though I could definitely use it in this weather...
So today, there's more of a general update of sorts.
Last weekend, it was my good friend Anne's birthday and I made her a laptop bag/sleeve.

You can use it as a shoulder bag, but you can also detach the strap and use it as a laptop sleeve, so your laptop is all snuggly and safe when you put it in your regular bag :) It's made out of soft grey wool fabric and you close it with a simple button.

On the other side, I painted on a moose. She loves moose :)
And now let's take a look on the inside.

This is unfortunately the only picture I took of the inside, but at least you can see the actual "pocket" for the laptop (I used the laptopesque birthday card I made as a dummy because I didn't have a laptop on hand). I used dark green silk tafetta that I had left over from my graduation dress and in between the outer fabric and the lining there's a layer of fluffy fleece to make it extra snuggly for the laptop which I quilted a bit on the lining.
I really like the end product and it's a really great way to use up some left over fabric!

And now, as the label said: an introduction. Look who wants to say hello!

I have a new sewing machine!!! Yay!
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my vintage Necchi (which is seriously about 60 years old) and I'm sure it's a much higher quality product than ANY new sewing machine I could buy. But the brand Necchi doesn't exist anymore so it's nearly impossible to get parts (even finding fitting presser feet is really hard) and almost no sewing machine shop will do maintenance on it. In fact I had to repair the power plug myself twice and I'm definitely not an electrician.
Also it doesn't have a button hole function, decorative stitches never worked properly and slowly but surely the thread tension adjustment is getting wonky.
So, because I figured I'd be sewing even more now that I'm in fashion school, I saved up my money for a while and now purchased a Singer Confidence 7470.

I already love it. It works great and is a lot of fun to sew with. I even like the decorative stitches which I usually find kind of useless. All in all a great purchase :)
And the first thing I sewed on it was a pretty little vintage-y cover for it:
I definitely spent way too much time on this thing... it's quilted, completely lined and has a pocket for the cables and pedal. At least now it's not only functional but also pretty :)

And now I have to stop procrastinating by writing a blog post and get to work on this thing...
It's due Tuesday and I still have 20 rows to go... Wish me luck!


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