Yesterday, we did a really cool project in school and I wanted to share it with you.
It was a joint project for both modelism (where we do all the patterns and the sewing) and costume history. And basically they needed something pretty to show off for the open day tomorrow ;)
Our assignment was to do historical fashion (we all got assigned a fashion era) out of paper, draped on a dressform. We did this in groups of three, and I'm very lucky, that the other two girls in my group just went along when I proposed we do rococo. Because quite frankly, that's the one I have been researching lately, making it the easiest option.
I think the other two were a little sceptic at first (for some reason most of my class doesn't get how brilliant historic fashion is and all wanted to do the 20s and 50s...) but in the end I seemed to have convinced them that rococo is both awfully pretty and also extremely fun to make (I mean... all the bows and flowers and frills! Yay!).
And now I'll stop babbling and just show you the pictures :)

img 1
img 1
And now for some details...

img 1
This is the detachable front panel (very prettily decorated by one of my group members)

img 1
And here's the little adornment on the sleeve.

img 1
And this is the mini-exhibition in our entrance area. From left to right, there's our rococo dress, then another rococo dress from the other class, a fifties dress and a "Biedermeier" dress (which is sort of the German equivalent of early Victorian/crinolin style).

And last but not least, here's me, very exhausted but also happy and content next to our creation (in case you don't believe me I actually made it)
img 1

And while we're on the topic, a little update on the actual rococo dress I'm making: All the undergarments (and the shoes!) are done now, so that huge first step is out of the way. I should get my wig over the weekend and can then take proper pictures. So look forward to that sometime next week (I hope...)

Oh, and in case I kindled your interest in historic paper fashion, go on over to and check out this article. It's very impressive.


  1. This is truly amazing work!!! I had to do a double take realizing that is was paper! That is incredible! I'm currently trying to make my own, (not out of paper though ;) and this is just awesome!


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