Superfluous mood changes are superfluous

Soooo, yeah, I have a new layout AGAIN. The other one wasn't that old, but somehow I suddenly thought it was way too... all over the place. And I was bored yesterday at school because we had an "introduction to Photoshop" and I know how to use Photoshop already. So I used it to make myself a neat new background :)
It's not just me randomly changing my mind about the look of my blog though, another reason I changed it to what it is now, is that I'm working on a proper website for myself and this background matches the look of said website. Also I just really wanted a white background behind the text again.

While I did all of that rearranging, I also installed a new comment system, so hopefully I will now be able to reply to comments directly (I hate that blogger doesn't have that function...). But if you ask me a question and definitely want an answer, click the "subscribe by email" option so you'll be notified when I reply to your comment, because I really do try to answer all questions I get.

I have been really busy lately, sewing wise, but I can't post most of these projects yet because they're mostly Christmas presents! So you'll just have to wait for a bit ;)


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