Skirts in my head... and on here as well

For fashion school we're doing our first proper set of designs. We have do to skirts and it's due Monday and I should get back to layouting, but I have to take a break. So here is another skirt I sewed last year (and yes, when I took the pictures two of the buttons came undone and I didn't notice at the time).

The pattern I used is the "Helena Skirt", which you can get on Go check it out it's really cute and easy!

And this button situation is what happened because I had so many silver buttons left over - just not enough of just one type. So mix-and-match it was, and I really like the outcome. It's a good thing, this kind of stuff happens, chance is more creative than I am ;)


  1. I love this skirt, may have to go get that pattern! Good luck with the designs for school :)


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