Rococo Hipster

I have my iMac back! I'm so happy!
So now I can share some more pictures with you, this time of my progress on the Rococo gown. I'm quite a bit further along by now, but haven't taken any photos yet.

At this point I had just finished my underskirt, which was a really easy step until I got to the decorations. The wavy strip towards the hem drove me almost crazy, 3 metres of fabric that I had to gather at the top and the bottom and then distribute evenly... yeah, it was a painful experience. I tore the thread that I gathered with way too often.
Other than that this step wasn't too exiting.
However, I do have another picture for you. When taking the photos, I forgot to take off my glasses at first. The results are kind of funny, because I look like a Rococo hipster.

img 1

Sorry for the poor meme humour ;) I spend way to much time on the internet...


  1. The dress looks phenomenal so far! The trimming is incredible, but I don't think that I'd have the patience to accomplish it myself. I'm so excited to see the project progress :D

    And the "Rococo Hipster" is pretty much the best ever... ahaha now every time the Rococo period comes up in class, this will be the image in my mind!

  2. Lovely, and gorgeous colour too! Now for this kind of gathering you might want to try cord gathering - as it saves this dreadful business of threads breaking, and it is historically accurate too :)

  3. Cool, thanks! That does seem to be a much easier way to go, I'll try it when I do the decorations on the main gown!

  4. It's looking great! I love the corset, makes me want to try making one too! I read you use simplicity patterns for making costumes, have you tried using historical book patterns?

  5. Believe me, using proper historical patterns would be my preference every day! But I live in Germany and it's surprisingly hard to get a hold of such books.
    I'm going to bulk order a few from Amazon UK soon though, so whatever my next historical project will be, I'll work with a pattern book or a self drafted pattern :)

    As far as ready made patterns go, my experiences with Simplicity's and McCalls' historical patterns were pretty good. They aren't historically correct in the fabrication, but they do look very accurate and not like cheap Halloween costumes or something ;) They have
    And because I make costumes (aspiring costume designer :P) and not reproductions, that's mostly enough for me. Besides that, I alter almost all of my patterns anyway, so I get rid of any big inaccuracies that way.


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