Soooo, the graphics card in my beloved iMac is broken. Fortunately it can be fixed, but this left me on my backup Laptop (which I just use in school normally, as my iMac isn't really all that portable) without most of my data and pictures.
Now I managed to pull a few off the hard-drive, so here you go!

Two things came together for this skirt. First: I learnt how to draft skirt patterns in school and wanted to make myself a basic one with my measurements that I could then alter as needed for different styles. I had to try this pattern out. Second: I found this really cheap print fabric at the fabric store, where I buy most of my stuff. It was like 2€ per meter. I couldn't really decide wether I found the print utterly hideous or absolutely awesome, but I decided to make my test skirt out of it.

When the skirt was finished, I decided that I indeed found the fabric to be awesome. I'm not in love with the colours, but it's just so unique with its vintage cars, old computers (I think its even a Mac if I'm not mistaken, yay!) and NASA spaceshuttles.
Here's a bit of a closer look:

The pattern I drafted myself (as I said); it's a simple pencil skirt shape with a slightly raised waist.
To make the skirt a bit more interesting (without it being too much with the fabric) I added a decorative metal zipper all along the back. I also was too lazy to match the print at the seam, and the decorative zipper is the perfect way to cover that up ;)

Also these are the first pictures with my new glasses! Usually I didn't wear any in the photos, because my old ones weren't anti-glare, but these are! You like?


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