Collar Craze

I'm on a roll! Three posts in three days!

This one's something from fashion school again.
Remember when we did the historical paper dresses? It seems like they like this kind of project at my school because now we had to make paper collars! And being the historic costume fan I am, I made something historically inspired.

Here you go: my sort-of-Elizabethan paper collar :) All the folding drove me almost mad and I used up 1,5 metres of paper, but I'm happy with the outcome. Also, it was good practice for when I make a real Elizabethan costume in the future (which is on the list, but it won't be the next one after the Rococo gown)

The bright white isn't great for taking detail pictures, so this is all you get ;)

Have a good weekend, if I keep up my posting craze, you'll be getting a "fabric haul" post soon! :)


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