Remember when I told you last summer that I was doing costume design for a short film? I promised more info later but completely forgot.
Now something incredibly cool has come up and I just had to share that with you :)
First of all, if you're interested, you can find out more about the film "Mondnacht" here. There's also a trailer there, only in German though.
The premiere of the movie was at the beginning of February and since then it has been shown at a few short film festivals. And now the absolutely brilliantly totally awesome thing: "Mondnacht" has won "Best Student Film" at the International California Short Film Festival! It was a really great project to be a part of and I'm really happy for Eva (the director) about this award. Who knows, maybe I'll be famous now ;)

And so this isn't just me jumping up and down and doing a happy dance in textual form, here are a few behind the scenes photos from the shoot, taken by our lovely set photographer Carl von Einem.

I'm the one in the obnoxiously orange jacket. I was so stylish, especially when I paired it with my bright turquoise on-set emergency bag (stocked with wet wipes, safety pins and handy stuff like that). I don't have any other really waterproof jacket, though, and at least you can't lose me in that thing ;)

I have to admit however, that my jacket paled in comparison to our beautiful ballroom set at Schloss Ratibor.

Here's probably the best shot of the costumes for our numerous extras for the ballroom scene. I didn't make all the costumes (only used a few of the ones I had already made anyway), but handling twelve extras and the two main characters was quite the task all on its own.

Our two main characters (I made her blouse, which you can't really see)

When you're doing costume, there are unfortunately not that many cool pictures of you "in action", because all you really do on set is tug at people's collar or brush lint off people's shoulders or something. I really envy the make-up people, they always get cool photos of them touching up someone's make-up with a stern look of concentration. But I digress ;) This is actually the only clear shot of me on set and as it happens, it's one of me in my Victorian gown, from when I was filling in as a "ghost in historic costume", scurrying through the background.

And here, last but not least, what is probably my very favourite photo, because it cracks me up. We had a late shoot one day (hence the darkness) and this was taken right after the last scene, directly before we were packing up for the day. And while basically the whole team is checking out the final, very cinematic and beautiful shot of the day, the make-up artist and me (far right) are typing away on our iPhones, faces creepily illuminated by the screens :D It seems we're all like "Why should we care? It's dark, nobody sees our part of the job anyway." ;)

See you soon, my darlings!


  1. OMG! I wish I could live such a moment. All dressed up in such a wonderfull hall...envy..!


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