Space Travel

It was my friend Beccy's birthday recently and once again I made her a dress. She picked this one out herself in burda magazine, so it was no surprise, but... meh. calls it the "Cheongsam Dress" and it's part of an asian themed editorial, but Beccy and me immediately thought of science fiction instead.
And with the different colour combination we picked, it is now no longer an asian dress, but was dubbed the "Space Travel Dress".

The pictures were taken on my house's rooftop by the way. I recently found out you could go up there and it's so cool! Our flat doesn't have a balkony but now I have my own personal rooftop terrace!

I made the dress out of cotton batiste in bordeaux red and dark blue. The one by burda is made of silk, which of course is nice, but I think cotton was the better choice for an everyday summer dress.

img 1

How do you guys like the dress?

By the way, it is entirely possible you won't be hearing from me again until after my exams which start Monday a week from now. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, I love the color combo! Also, the last photo looks really good :) I saw you on Burdastyle, great blog!


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