Why does it always have to be smocking?

Before I do the stuff I'm actually supposed to do, a quick update with a school sewing project.
You haven't really seen any of these before, because we usually have to make the clothes all in the same size - which doesn't fit me. So I give them away and I always forget to take pictures beforehand.
But this time around, we were allowed to make the item in our own size, yay! So here you go, my dress:

I made the pattern myself (that was the whole point after all). What you cannot really see in the pictures are the decorative seams. The dress has strap seams and then there are also horizontal separating seams that run in an upward arch in the front and a downward arch in the back, so they sort of piece together to form a circle.

img 1

The true highlight of the dress in my opinion however is the back - of which I obviously don't have a good picture ;)

img 1

So please excuse the lameness of this photo, it's the one I had to take to show that the dress actually fit. But you can see my smocked backpiece! Somehow, whenever we have to add these decorative, sculpted surfaces, I end up smocking. Because I'm pretty much the only one in my class who can do it and has the patience for it. So out of the several suggestions I make, my teacher always picks the smocking. And, of course, it always takes hours to do. This particular piece of smocking took be about like five episodes of Glee, three episodes of The Big Bang Theory and then some Downton Abbey and youtube. Or in a more conventional time unit: over 7 hours.

img 1

And here it is again in a close-up. It's Canadian smocking by the way. I LOVE the look, but I probably won't be doing it for a little while now ;)

Okay, back to work. I'm getting my exam topic on Friday a week from now.  Help.


  1. It's so beautiful, I wanna try that too. Congratulations on your dress!

  2. Thank you :)
    And yes, try it! It's actually really fun and very rewarding, it's just a little bit annoying if you're in a hurry, like I was ;)

  3. Wow, I love that smocking detail, definitely worth all those TV episodes ;) the rest of the dress looks great too and shows off such a stunning detail at the back xx


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