The director of the Pope Joan production just sent me the pictures from the photoshoot. They were taken by photographer Hermann Posch for Theaterlust.
I thought you might like to see them :)

Because I got asked in a comment by Renata (thanks :) ) how my internship was going, I thought I'd add some info on that as well. I'm working in a fashion store called "kauf dich gl├╝cklich" (which roughly translates to "shop yourself happy") for three weeks. I'm through my first week and I'm having fun so far :) Mostly I'm doing retail-y things, like helping customers, restocking, working at the till... not terribly exciting, but I love the shop and my co-workers are fun to work with, so generally I'm having a good time.
See you guys soon!


  1. You're welcome! The people we work with always make a huge difference, right?

  2. Absolutely. I'm very lucky to almost always have nice co-workers :)


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