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Hi! This is me coming back from the dead after my finals :) they've been over for about 2 1/2 weeks already, but then I just enjoyed doing nothing for a while and a week ago I started my mandatory internship.
But let's get to more interesting things!
I got a comission to make a medieval dress and a monk's robe for a promotional photoshoot for  a touring theatre company called Theaterlust. They're doing a production of "Pope Joan" (you might know the novel or the movie released in 2009) spring 2014, which is quite some time in the future, so naturally they didn't really have any costumes yet. However, they needed some for photos for their homepage and press kit, so I made those two I mentioned in just about 2 days (plus dyeing the fabric... couldn't find the right colours in the right quality...) and the actual costume designer for the show made the pope's robe (which I'm dying to see!).
Without further ado, here you go:

img 1

img 1

I drafted the pattern for everything myself, because really, medieval stuff is almost shapeless anyway. The fabric I used is heavy, rough linen for both, dyed for the proper colour and then slightly aged with the help of a cheese grater ;)
All in all a pretty quick project. The most work were probably the eyelets on the dress. I used metal eyelets for stability and then covered the eyelets with matching thread with a buttonhole stitch. By hand. I always complain about this kind of work but end up doing it all the time. Maybe I secretly enjoy all the tedious, neverending but beautiful needlework that's to be done by hand. Or I'm simply a masochist.

This project also made me realize, that I REALLY want a medieval dress for myself (the kind with a surcoat) out of a nice, heavy linen. But sadly I can't afford that right now. Because linen is pricey :(


  1. I love the monk robe! How is your internship going?


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