The palest of yellows

Today was my fourth day back in fashion school. And I've already handed in one small project on Friday. They're not kidding around and keeping us busy immediately.
In addition to school I've also got a job now (in the shop where I did my work experience/internship) so I have the feeling it's gonna be a busy year.
Now on to the summer things I sewed and promised to show you!

The lighting isn't the greatest in this picture but look at how pretty it was in Crete!
Oh and also look at the dress of course ;)
I didn't ever think yellow was my colour and especially not pale yellow but I've started to like it.
When I saw the fabrics I used here, I was finally completely won over:
The top part is a beautiful linen mix that has some shimmery threads woven in, which gives it a really faint, subtle sparkle. The skirt part is made from a soft silk in the same colour with a white cotton lining.

Here you can see the dress and especially the colour a little better.
The top of the dress has princess seams, a waistband and a decorative metal zipper. The skirt is just a simple flared one with tiny little pleats in the front and back.
And now, be especially proud of me: I made the pattern for this myself. I love that I'm able to do this now and having a pattern base for my own personal measurements is sooo wonderful! I'm not saying I'll never use burda again, because I'm lazy and they have great patterns, but making your own patterns is so much fun, too!

And have just one more sort-of-close-up before I go :)

I'm really proud of this dress and I hope I can still get a bit of wear out of bit before it gets too cold. Autumn draws near here in Germany... 


  1. I think that yellow suits you beautifully and your necklace is gorgeous too! The metal zipper gives it just enough edge, nice! :)


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