I'm super super busy right now with things for school, but I wanted to share this beast with you before it gets contained.
The picture is really bad, but what you can see right here is going to be burdastyle's Larissa jacket.

I made life hard for myself once again by deciding to do a patchwork lining (you can see the two colours on the right) but sometimes I just can't stop myself with these ideas.
The pattern already has over 20 pieces and hacking up the lining into smaller areas added some more and of course most pieces are needed more than once. Also, I'll use a thermo-layer in between outer fabric and lining and then there's always interfacing. So all in all, I was cutting out for four hours (!) today and ended up having about 100 separate pieces.

Oh my God.


  1. Yikes! That's a lot of cutting time! I love the Larissa jacket but haven't yet tried it. Looking forward to seeing yours!


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