Swimming with glee

So you might have caught on to the fact that I love the TV show Glee. It just lifts my mood.
Last season the girls were wearing these georgous retro bathing suits and I noticed how similar burdastyle's Alison pattern was to those.

And so the idea was born to sew a bathing suit.
I heard quite a bit of critique for the Alison pattern so I made a test piece. It turns out I only had to lengthen the torso a bit and everything was dandy.

It's bathing suit fabric obviously, apart from the stripy part, I couldn't find bathing suit fabric in this pattern and colours. So I doubled white lycra and striped viscose jersey. It takes a little longer to dry but other than that it's perfect, not see through or anything.

My little changes to the pattern were making the "legs" even more low cut and leaving out the back strap. That's perfect for a beach and splashing around bathing suit, but for one I wanted to swim a lot in, I would keep the back strap for stability.

I love my new bathing suit! And for all of you wanting to try the Alison pattern, don't get scared by the confused or displeased voices on the burda-forums. The instructions aren't great (but Isabelle has some great ones on her blog!), but it's not really a hard pattern to make and as for the fit, I only had to elongate the torso a few centimeters. I you make a test piece out of some jersey leftovers you should be fine!


  1. This is so awesome! I remember admiring that exact swimsuit on Glee as well :) I don't think I'm brave enough to tackle a project like this, but it looks lovely on you!

  2. It looks great! I love the low back. What machines did you use to make it? I almost never go to the beach, but I'd like to make one out of fun!

  3. I used mostly my overlock and for some spots I used the elastic stich on my normal sewing machine :)


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