All the excuses

So, first of all: I'm still alive. Which might be hard to believe, seeing as I last posted in October (!).
The second year of fashion school has kept me super busy and the little free time I have I like to use to do absolutely nothing ;) I'll try to do better with the blogging from now on (but isn't that what I always say...)
For now, have a couple pictures of a very old project:

Super simple cut, just a slightly gathered sleeveless top and a circle skirt. The waistband is scalloped, but unfortunately I don't have a good picture of that.

This dress shows my obsession with piping once again ;) It's just so pretty!

It's also really good for time travel.


  1. Love the skirt of the dress. Also, awesome screwdriver!

  2. Lovely post. Excellent opportunity to write a post on the subject of fashion here and who knows maybe you'll become another couturier.


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