One of my best friends got two kittens a little while back. Their names are Finn and Bonnie.

All together now: AWWWWWWW!

As I love cats, but can't have my own in our flat, I am now officially their godmother. So it was only right to make them a little welcome gift:

I used some fabric scraps I had left over and sewed a couple of little mice. The ultimate gimmick: I put one of those little balls with a bell inside into each of the mice. So now when you play with them, they jingle! So much fun for little kittens!

They've grown quite a bit already by now but are still very cute

I feel like it might be time for another present from their godmother. Something furry this time I think, they seem to love that!


  1. They're really cute! I think I might make one little mouse too, and attatch a string to it. But I don't know if my lazy cats will like it so much!

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