Love Champagne

I actually don't love champagne. But I made a couple of tulle dresses for an event of that name! :)
The male model Papis Loveday is now selling his own brand of champagne and one of my teachers was involved in organizing its launch party.
They still needed two tulle gowns for said party and she approached me to make them. It was a pretty straightforward project, but I had to make them during a really busy time, so it was all very stressful. It was pretty cool though to see the dresses in use at the party!

The party was held at a store and they did a window live show. Very awesome!

I made the pink dress...

... and the green dress

The girls with Papis in his window show outfit (the girls were VERY duckface-prone...)

img 1
And me with Papis! Yay for pictures with famous people! ;)

I actually should have a picture with me and the two girls somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. Too bad. After all, after taking that picture I was basically covered in glitter because the girls were wearing glitter body makeup... Oh well, if I find it, I'll show you at a later date!


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