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I usually don't get around to post a lot of pictures during the making of my projects. But I am determined to do so with this one!
First, a small introduction.
My mother is getting remarried in March. At first it was supposed to be a really small event, so she didn't even want anything particularly special to wear. But then, as seems to be the norm with these things, the plans became bigger and I immediately said I wanted to make her dress.
The dress we are working on is by no means the kind of gown like wedding dress, but instead more of a cocktail dress. She chose a very simple almost 50s style silhouette, but there's going to be an embellished belt.
Our first idea for the top part was this

The idea was taken from a design from the current Andrew GN collection and I really like the look, but as a I suspected, it doesn't look quite as nice on a normal person, as it does on a model. As soon as you put someone with curves into this, the folds at the front start to gape and the look is lost. So we scrapped that and went to an even simpler design

This is the look we are going to go with. A simple top with 3/4 sleeves, a small collar and princess seams and a wide skirt with box pleats. My mum has yet to try this muslin on, but it should hopefully fit her (I made the pattern especially for her with her measurements) and I can start on the dress proper.
Speaking of...

This is the fabric we bought. It's a really lovely wool georgette on the left and on the right is the lining. The colours aren't spot on, off-white is reeeeally heard to photograph ;)

That's my progress so far.
Next up: hoping the muslin fits...


  1. Not many girls have the opportunity to make their mother's wedding dress. That must be a great experience. Can't wait to see the dress!


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