So I have decided that I need to write a post before it's a year since my last one ;)
Commence the part where I make excuses about how I have no time!
Joking aside, I am now in my senior year of fashion school on my way to my diploma collection and I work two jobs (the retail job I have had for a while and I was asked to direct a musical at my old school), so I'm busy busy busy!

Ages ago (in May I think) we did a lingerie project and as you know I looooove corsetry, so I included that in my design. Since I had a lot of fun with this project I was extremely good about taking work in progress pictures, but I never posted them. So here you go, finally.

 Design illustration

Starting the pattern (also featured: life elixir also known as coffee)

Test bra in beautiful red and white

Cutting out the fabric

So much piping...

Woven sidepanels...

... and done!

Low point in the construction of the showpiece

Showpiece construction done!

Why are there so many pieces...?

Almost done!


This thing was seriously fun to make!
It's kinda sad that it now sits in my wardrobe unused... but it's really not all that wearable.
I have a couple other similar work in progress things to post, so stay tuned for that (hopefully in under 10 months...)


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