A very fancy diver's suit?

I promised you more work in progress stuff, so here we go!

This was a project done for last years final fashion show at ESMOD Munich. I didn't choose the fabric and for the design I got a picture of a rag & bone jacket as a base. The focus of the assignment was getting a presentable product in a super short time (in my opinion they just realized they needed some more stuff for the show on short notice :P). I do still really like the outcome.

The fabric we used was neopren, which isn't hard to work with but really weird and squishy

Finished jacked from the front...

... and the back

Top stitching detail and tulle shoulder insert

Tulle insert at the elbow

A look inside!

And here's the jacket being worn at the fashion show

This jacket certainly isn't the most well made thing I've ever produced but it had to be put together in roughly a day. I think it looks really cool on the runway!

P.S.: I just noticed between this post and the last there's a lot of pink on here! :D


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