My very own collection

Hello once again after a long absence. Feels like I've finally crawled out of that very particular hole called "my diploma".
I handed in my final portfolio and my finished outfits barely two weeks ago and next week the final fashion show and presentation will take place. I really can't believe it's already been three years of fashion school and now it's over.
But oh well, I've been beyond ready to be done with it during those last extremely stressful weeks and months and am now looking forward to new projects and finally having some time to relax!
I have fabric at the ready for three new historic costuming projects and I still have to finish that rococo gown, I'm very excited to get working on those!

On here, I'll probably talk about my diploma/collection for a while.
I might do a layout overhaul matching my newly designed logo and overall look (I used serinde as my label for my collection).

But for now, in case you're interested,  have a little preview!
You can go look at my lookbook and my online portfolio and here's a little excerpt from my portfolio about my collection:
An outfit from [se•rin•de] is made for a big entrance. With elements referencing fashion history and theatrical costumes it is directed at women who want to embrace theatricality and make the world their stage. Every piece is handcrafted and will put its wearer in the spotlight.
Don’t be afraid to take center stage - revel in it. You’re the leading lady!

The “Method in Madness” collection is inspired by Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. It draws influences from Elizabethan fashion - Shakespeare’s era -, features quotes and reflects motives from the play. Ophelia’s naïveté and innocence are juxtaposed against Queen Getrude’s fierceness. Hamlet’s madness stands opposite Horatio’s reason.
The clothes have certain restrictive elements but are combined with translucent layers that reveal a glimpse underneath the facade, just like the characters in the play are trapped - be it by society, by madness or guilt - but still reveal their innermost workings to us.
There is big, exaggerated volume and glamour, to distance oneself from the outside and dazzle, opposite revealing tightness, that leaves no room for interpretation just like the characters put up a front but can’t keep it up.
This results in a look that gives the wearer a regal posture, while still being feminine with a certain vulnerability.
I'm extremely proud of the work I've done on this. I did make it into top 20 in my class and my collection will therefor be shown in a second fashion show in front of "VIP" guests. I hope you guys like it too.

On a related note: 
Even though most of them won't read this, I want to thank all the people who helped me and put up with me during this stressful time.  My friends, my family - I love you all a lot and you have all contributed to this collection in some way.
Special thanks go to my gorgeous friend and co-worker Mirja for modelling, the lovely Lisa Licht for the beautiful photography (go check her out at Lichtgemachtes) and my wonderfully talented make-up artist friend Sybille for hair and make-up.


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